Canon -Instant Geyser Model 600 6 Ltr

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Canon -Instant Geyser Model 600 6 Ltr
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Key Features:

1.Mat white painting,
2.3 row 245mm burner,
3. with two 45mm hard S.S water pipe part,
4.Without LCD display,
5.Without shower and soft pipe,
6.Flue Exhaust GWH, 7.80% Energy Saving


  • Capacity: 6Ltr/min
  • Heat Exchanger: 1.00KG
  • (pure copper-coated zinc),
  • Pressure: Zero pressure valve
  • (solenoid with copper wire)
  • Front painting thickness: 0.60mm
  • Grey Base painting: 0.50mm
  • Water pipe: 9mm diameter, 0.40thick,
  • Body Size: 440*300*140mm
  • Net weight: 3.90Kg
  • Gross weight: 4.70Kg
  • Color: white
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